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Local craft beer of the week: Rock the Funk Vol. 1, Mastry’s Brewing Co.

The puncheon-fermented blond ale is refermented with Mourvèdre grape must.

Mastry’s Brewing Co. held its second annual Rock the Funk event recently, shifting the focus of its sunny St. Pete Beach tasting room to sour and mixed-culture brews, including a range of beers fermented with a blend of wild yeasts and bacteria, and aged in French oak puncheons.

Mastry’s also released a first-edition bottle to commemorate the event: Rock the Funk Vol. 1, a puncheon-fermented mixed-culture blond ale refermented with Mourvèdre grape must.

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Rock the Funk pours a little more amber than its base beer would suggest, partly because of the grape must and partly because of the color contributed by the barrel. It’s rich and vinous, fairly full-bodied and boasts big fruit and berry notes, tied together with a subtle grape flavor from the Mourvèdre.

Although this brew will be described by many as a “sour beer,” it’s fairly restrained in the acidity department. Instead it offers a fruit-forward palate that dries out in the finish and is replaced by a bright but balanced tartness.

This is a one-and-done, so be sure to try Rock the Funk Vol. 1 while it’s still around on draft at Mastry’s tasting room at 7701 Blind Pass Road.

A limited number of 500ml bottles are available to take home at $15.

Justin Grant is a tbt* correspondent.

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