KFC chicken and donut sandwiches are a thing now

You can’t get these in Florida yet, but the new menu items are already popular on social media.
KFC's latest creation features donuts.
KFC's latest creation features donuts. [ KFC ]
Published Sept. 19, 2019|Updated Oct. 9, 2019

Between Burger King’s Impossible Whopper and the Popeye’s new sold-out chicken, 2019 was the summer of sandwiches. Apparently, it’s not over yet.

Hold onto your buns: Kentucky Fried Chicken is reportedly testing a fried chicken sandwich held together with whole glazed donuts instead of bread.

KFC sells the chicken sandwich for $5.99 and as a combo for $7.99. Donuts are also appearing in big basket meals, or can be ordered on the side for $1 each.

Right now the donuts are only available in select KFC locations in Norfolk, Virginia, and Pittsburgh.

KFC has been branching out with creative new menu items lately. In August, an Atlanta location tested nuggets and boneless wings made with Beyond Fried Chicken.

Will any of these creative new dishes make it to Tampa Bay anytime soon? The colonel has yet to say. Locals interested in donut-based sandwiches can also enjoy Datz’s Double D burger, which also swaps buns for donuts.

If you’re grossed out by KFC’s latest creation, that’s ok. We put together a list of places where you can get a chicken sandwich in Tampa Bay.

Disgusted? Delighted? Let us know what you think about donut sandwiches in the comments.