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Life of the Party podcast: From Lambs to Fanilows, name these fan groups

You probably know about Beyoncé's rabid fan base, the omnipresent Beyhive.

But did you know Ariana Grande's fans are called the Arianators? Can you match the Lambs and the Little Monsters to the correct artists? Are you down with the Juggalos? Do you have an aunt Fanilow in the family?

It's pop culture pop quiz time on Life of the Party. Follow along and see if you can outscore me as Brittany tries her best to bring the celebrity fan name stumpers. Good luck — my useless knowledge runs deep.

Plus, Woodstock's 50th anniversary concert turned out to be a huge disaster, and we explain why as the famed festival's 50th anniversary dawns. Are music festivals actually fun? Do we need any more music festivals, or is that just called "Saturday"?

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