Life of the Party podcast: How do you make friends as an adult?

Our guest this week went from knowing no one to organizing a popular brunch for women of color in her town. Plus, we discuss celebrity tattoo fails, from Adam Levine to Ariana Grande.
Kameel Stanley. Photo by Brittany Volk.
Kameel Stanley. Photo by Brittany Volk.
Published February 8

Say you get a new job. You move to a new city. You don’t know a soul, and you don’t have the free-wheeling nature of youth on your side.

How do you make friends as an adult? It can be really terrifying.

Kameel Stanley, a producer of St. Louis public radio’s We Live Here podcast and a former Tampa Bay Times reporter, has been there. She joins the Life of the Party podcast this week to tells us how she moved to a new city where she didn’t know anyone. In time, she went from saying hello to total strangers to leading a brunch group for dozens of women of color. This conversation is seriously inspiring.

But before we get too serious, don’t worry. We also discuss Adam Levine’s CALIFORNIA abdomen, Ariana Grande’s small charcoal grill tattoo and other famous tattoo fails. Celebrities, we regret them on your behalf.

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