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Life of the Party podcast: Our producer takes over the mic

Allison Graves, Life of the Party producer.
Allison Graves, Life of the Party producer.
Published Jul. 25, 2019

As podcast hosts, we're usually the ones asking the questions and giving opinions while our producer Allison Graves sits quietly by, hitting sound effect buttons, nodding or rolling her eyes. So when we asked Allison if she wanted to be interviewed, she emphatically said yes.

Stephanie is recuperating from an illness this week, so the kids are in charge. I asked Allison, a Tampa Bay Times digital producer, about her most annoying habit, the best advice she's gotten and the worst gift she's ever received. Don't give her fake roses.

We bond over a shared hatred of Journey's Don't Stop Believin' and how moving to a new city alone is necessary for personal growth. I still firmly believe that carrot cake is gross no matter how Allison describes it. Please stop saying "moist."

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