Allison Graves - Digital producer

Digital producer

As the emerging platform producer, I’m considered a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of some. In my role, I help shepherd several digital projects including email newsletters and podcasts, and innovate video strategies. You’ll also see my byline on as I report on local stories that I hope pique your interest. I was a fact-checker for PolitiFact before this, keeping politicians honest, and later spearheaded MediaWise, a project aimed at teaching young students how to sort fact from fiction online. I spent almost two years appearing on Bay News 9 for PolitiFact, so I’m also a former TV personality, according to my mom. (You might have heard me on the radio for WUSF from time to time, too.) When I’m not working, you can find me at the St. Pete Saturday morning market, propagating plants and watching hours and hours of YouTube videos.

  1. What do you set your thermostat to? One federal program recommends setting it to 78 degrees. [Times file]
    Based on the internet’s reaction, the answer is no. But we want to hear your thoughts.
  2. An Alexa Echo Dot is seen Friday, Sept. 20, 2019 in St. Petersburg.
    Set up a short overview of top local news stories on Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant.
  3. Stock photo courtesy of Shutterstock.
    Robocalls more than doubled since 2016, according to one industry estimate.
  4. Moffitt Chief Security Officer Dave Summitt testifies to Congress about robocalls. (YouTube screenshot)
    “They are extracting information that can be detrimental to those patients."
  5. Drivers checking their phones while stopped at a red light heading south on 4th Street N at the 22nd Avenue intersection in St. Petersburg. [Dirk Shadd | Times files (2013)]
    Can you text at a stop light? Can you still use Google maps? Could officers search your phone?
  6. A man in an Easter Bunny costume jumped into an ongoing fight Sunday in Orlando. The brawl was captured and posted to Instagram. (Screenshot from Workfth's Instagram)
    The video of the fight has gone viral.
  7. The Tampa Bay area is included in many rankings and lists.
    How does Tampa Bay compare other cities?
  8. Commercials are an inevitable part of watching television, and a lot of the times, they really suck. [YouTube screenshots]
    If all publicity is good publicity, then these businesses have struck gold.
  9. Fuccillo Kia, which has locations in Cape Coral, Port Charlotte and Wesley Chapel, is known for its over-the-top commercials. [Screenshot from YouTube]
    We’re compiling a list of local TV commercials you love to hate.
  10. Sarah Paulson (left), Dave Bautista (center), and Angela Bassett (right) all have ties to the Tampa Bay area. [From left to right: AP/Fox Searchlight, Matt Kennedy/Global Road Entertainment via AP, Lions Gate Entertainment photo]
    Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett and Kenan Thompson all have connections to the Tampa Bay area.