Bailey LeFever - Seniors/aging reporter

Seniors/aging reporter

I cover elders and aging in the Tampa Bay area. I’m proud and grateful to be a 2020 Report for America fellow and work for the paper I grew up reading. Though I was raised in Ocala, home to some of state’s best springs and trees, I spent lots of summers in St. Pete. I care about covering topics important to my parents and the others who call these waters home. I’m passionate about reporting public interest stories — the kind of stories that make you feel. I’ve reported across Florida and Cuba, tackling issues such as the illegal sea turtle trade, community government and housing. I spend all of my free time watching baseball on the couch, eating omelettes with my dad and exploring new neighborhoods (on foot). Right now I’m working to learn the streets of my new home in the ever-funky Gulfport. I can’t wait to hear about your life and the way your world ticks.

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