Boyzell Hosey - Deputy Editor, Photography

Deputy Editor, Photography

I fell in love with the power of photography as a teenager growing up in western Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Pittsburgh. The turning point came when I took close-up photos of a rhododendron flower for an elderly neighbor, and when I showed her the pictures, she burst into tears. She told me that she had never seen her beloved plants represented in such a way. That encounter was the seed to what I’ve considered an enchanted career. I’ve photographed Tiger Woods winning his first Masters, a handful of Super Bowls -- including the Buccaneers’ win in San Diego, numerous hurricanes and life celebrations, as well as tragedies. Now I spend most of my time editing and being inspired by world-class photographers. Most days, it’s still hard to imagine doing anything different, and I still marvel at the notion that I get paid to talk about photos all day. I’m still a kid at heart, one who grew up watching The Incredible Hulk, Godzilla and Speed Racer. But now my inner adult is maturing, and I’m finding new joy in helping head up a yearly event called the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival. Somehow, it all ties together.

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