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Former Times Staffer

  1. Elaine Minichino, 58, of Clearwater, holds an urn containing the remains of her son, Adam Hergenreder, 32, on Thursday, July 30, 2020, at her home in Clearwater. Hergenreder passed away on July 6, 2020, after falling ill with COVID-19 in March. Minichino said Hergenreder's health continued to deteriorate as complications from asthma and a back injury he sustained during his illness mounted, eventually resulting in his death.
  2. Registered nurse Robert Atchison cares for a COVID-19 patient recently in the intensive care unit at Gulf Coast Medical Center in Fort Myers. "We're saving everyone we can," Atchison said.
  3. The list of deaths released Wednesday by Florida officials was heavily redacted. This is the first page of the list.
  4. Bobbie Jean Phillips lost control of her Garda armored truck in Ohio in 2014 and slammed into a dump truck. She died. Two people in the dump truck were seriously injured.
  5. In their political afterlife, former politicians and their staffers are hoarding unspent campaign donations for years and using them to finance their lifestyles, advance new careers and pay family members, an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times, 10News WTSP and TEGNA-owned TV stations found.
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  12. A dozen inmates were sent back to prison for various violations and Goodwill was ordered to tighten up its security and oversight after law enforcement officers searched residents’ rooms at the Largo Residential Re-entry Center on Jan. 7. As of Jan. 31, 46 violent inmates were residents at the facility.
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  14. mMax Horn, who had run-ins with the law in his 20s, was accused years later of killing Joseph Martell in 2008 in New Port Richey. Here he demonstrates during his trial how he raised his gun and shot. He was acquitted.
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