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Digital Trending Producer

I found journalism through music because I wanted to be a music critic in high school. Two years on staff at USF St. Petersburg’s campus newspaper re-routed me and I discovered features and public radio. I joined the Times as a web fellow in May. When I’m out of the office, you can find me with my earbuds in, usually listening to a new album or a culture podcast. And probably in a coffee shop around beautiful St. Pete.

  1. The view of downtown St. Petersburg from the balcony of 180 Beach Drive, unit 1602.
    It’s the second home on Mandalay Point to sell in two months.
  2. The rescuers set out guiding the dolphins back to Tampa Bay on Tuesday.
    Officials say they think the animals were scared of swimming under the bridge.
  3. The old St. Petersburg High School on Mirror Lake in 1919 during the school's first year there. After it left the building in 1925, St. Pete High moved into its current home on 5th Avenue.
    The city’s first high school has a history that stretches back a century with many moves along the way.
  4. This photo of Patti Baumgartner, a Montana grandmother who wanted to slow down speeding drivers, went viral.
    The photo of her sitting on the side of a road went viral.
  5. The tropical outlook on Saturday Sept. 14, 2019.
    A north-northwest turn is expected by Sunday, just as the storm is projected to become a hurricane.
  6. The tropical outlook on Saturday Sept. 14, 2019.
    Humberto’s wind speeds reached 40 mph on Saturday as it’s expected to turn north-northwest.
  7. St. Petersburg based Ink Werkz Crew created this mural at 1610 Central Avenue for the first SHINE mural festival. Painted in late 2015, a Chase Bank branch was built on the parking lot in front of it in 2018. The artists Reid Jenkins, Scott Hillis and Sovoth Chan were never told that it would be covered. Jenkins found out from his then five-year-old daughter.
    As the city grows and empty lots become fewer, murals of the recent past risk being hidden from view.
  8. In this Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014 photo, a full moon rises, while the sun sets over a cornfield in Farmington, Ill. Many central Illinois corn farmers are struggling to harvest this year's crop of corn. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says wet weather has turned Illinois' corn harvest into a slog. The USDA says that last week's heavy rainfall across much of Illinois has kept many growers across the state from bringing in their crop. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)
    It’s been almost 20 years since the two events coincided.
  9. The latest tropical events are brewing in the Atlantic Ocean.
    Another tropical wave in the Atlantic may see development early next week.
  10. One of the turtles Rhonda Wundke found burned to death. She was walking on the beach when she came across them.
    ‘It was a nightmare in person to see,' tweets the woman who discovered the turtles on Hightower Beach in Brevard County.