Ellen E. Clarke - Deputy Editor, Print

Deputy Editor, Print

As the deputy editor for print, I get to select the stories that run on the front page of the newspaper and on the Metro section. I aim to identify a mix of important and interesting stories for our readers every day. I also supervise the staffs of the weekly tbt* newspaper and Bay magazine and the Times copy editors. I’ve been at the Times since 2000, arriving straight out of Kent State University in Ohio. I’ve held a gaggle of titles in the newsroom, but dearly loved being the editor of tbt* when it was a daily paper. I grew up in Pittsburgh but married a Florida native. I live in St. Pete and have a young son.

  1. Ellen E. Clarke/tbt* tbt* has been a daily newspaper for more than 12 years, but it started as a weekly.
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    A detail from the photo of baby Ellen with the original #murderbunny. [Freiberg family photo]
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  5. There are big ways to create change in the world, but the first step is often small. [Getty Images/iStock]
  6. The laser light show finale at Lowry Park Zoo’s Sunset Celebration is a big draw.
Lowry Park Zoo
  7. David Cross performed at the Straz Center on Friday night. The audience wasn’t funny.