Ellen E. Clarke - Deputy Editor, Print

Deputy Editor, Print

As the deputy editor for print, I get to select the stories that run on the front page of the newspaper and on the Metro section. I aim to identify a mix of important and interesting stories for our readers every day. I also supervise the staffs of the weekly tbt* newspaper and Bay magazine and the Times copy editors. I’ve been at the Times since 2000, arriving straight out of Kent State University in Ohio. I’ve held a gaggle of titles in the newsroom, but dearly loved being the editor of tbt* when it was a daily paper. I grew up in Pittsburgh but married a Florida native. I live in St. Pete and have a young son.

  1. Ellen E. Clarke/tbt* tbt* has been a daily newspaper for more than 12 years, but it started as a weekly.
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    A detail from the photo of baby Ellen with the original #murderbunny. [Freiberg family photo]
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  6. There are big ways to create change in the world, but the first step is often small. [Getty Images/iStock]
  7. The laser light show finale at Lowry Park Zoo’s Sunset Celebration is a big draw.
Lowry Park Zoo
  8. David Cross performed at the Straz Center on Friday night. The audience wasn’t funny.
  9. At Strands of Sunshine at 633 Central Ave. in St. Petersburg, owner and artist Amy Marshall has always carried work from other local artists, such as these killer Vintage Neon prints ($20-$25) from Todd Bates that are perfect for friends and family who dig vintage area signage.
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