Graham Brink - Business Columnist

Business Columnist

My truck lacked AC when I first landed with the Times. Still, I loved pursuing stories along the backroads of Hernando County. It’s where I first began to appreciate the Times’ commitment to the Tampa Bay community. I’ve covered shady companies and way too many hurricanes. I’ve reported about Morocco after 9/11 and had a blast writing about racing a mountain bike 800 miles from the Okefenokee to the Everglades. I crossed over to editing for a dozen years and recently crossed back to become business columnist. My wife makes me laugh. My son makes me want to change the world, at least our little part of it. The truck now has AC, but a good story still fires me up.

  1. More organizations are using "Tampa Bay" in their names when they don't represent the whole area. (Times | 2010)
    The Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corp. is the latest to claim the Tampa Bay name for itself.
  2. Downtown Tampa.
    The name change is raising some eyebrows.
  3. Florida as seen from the space shuttle.
    It’s easy for fear to creep in when the economy has grown for so long.
  4. Job seekers line up to speak to recruiters during an Amazon job fair last month.
    The unemployment rate hit a 50-year low.
  5. The massive American Community Survey provides a snapshot of life in the Tampa Bay area.
    A massive survey provides a glimpse into an array of economic and social indicators.
  6. Interstate 275 in Pinellas County.
    More people are spending more time getting to work.
  7. Floridians are testing positive for marijuana and some other drugs more often than a few years ago.
    A big jump in marijuana use drove the numbers.
  8. The manufacturing and installing of energy efficient appliances has helped grow the number of jobs in Florida's advanced energy industry.
    The energy efficiency field makes up 36 percent of all energy-sector jobs, far more than solar or electric vehicles, a new report found.
  9. In 2009, the concrete containment building that surrounds Crystal River's nuclear reactor, left, cracked during an upgrade to the facility. Repair attempts made the problem, and the reactor was permanently shut down.
    The reactor could still be operating if not for a colossally bad decision.
  10. Job applicants seek information about temporary positions available with the 2020 Census, during a job fair in Miami on Wednesday designed for people fifty years or older.
    The state added 22,500 jobs in August.