Greg Joyce - Copy Editor

Copy Editor

I have been at the Times since 1996, after fleeing colder climates in New York and Indiana and previous newspaper gigs in Orlando and South Florida. I have filled various roles on various copy desks, from news to business to features – though still have to look up how to spell occasionally, judgment and principle vs. principal.

  1. Feb. 15, 2010• Archive
    On a holiday named after the first U.S. president, let's give face time to all 44.
  2. Feb. 8, 2010• Archive
  3. Jun. 23, 2009• Archive
    A propane-powered string trimmer does a good job without the pollutants of gas-powered models.
  4. Mar. 2, 2009• Archive
    Concealed weapons applications doubled in the state since 2005.