Jim Verhulst - Deputy Editor of Editorials

Deputy Editor of Editorials

I grew up on a hog farm in Illinois, went to college and got married. In my late 20s I moved to St. Petersburg to take a job with the Times and never left. Now I write editorials, often on education, the environment and science. I also edit the letters to the editor as well as many of the op-ed columns. Shorter is almost always better, by the way. I bike, I cook, I dig out weeds in our Florida-friendly garden as my wife directs, and we take our collie Rufus for long walks. I count dolphins by the seawall when I run to work in the morning.

  1. Vice President Kamala Harris greets supporters at the Democratic Party of Georgia's Spring Soiree in Atlanta on May 12.
  2. John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor co-authored the seminal work "On Liberty."
  3. President Joe Biden pumps his fists after speaking at the North America's Building Trades Union National Legislative Conference at the Washington Hilton in Washington on Tuesday.
  4. This undated photo provided by Ben Crump Law shows Ralph Yarl, the teenager shot twice by an 84-year-old homeowner in Kansas City, Mo., when he got lost and went to the wrong door to pick up his youngest siblings.
  5. Stormy Daniels attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of Neon's "Pleasure" at Linwood Dunn Theater on May 11, 2022, in Los Angeles.
  6. What can Abraham Lincoln teach us about the rights of the majority vs. universal human rights? Here, an honor cordon is in place during a Presidential Full Honor Wreath-Laying Ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington in honor of on the anniversary of his birth on Feb. 12, 2022, in Washington.
  7. As a Senate candidate before he was elected in Ohio, J.D. Vance, left, greets former President Trump at a rally in Delaware, Ohio, in April 2022. Trump endorsed Vance, who went on to win the Republican primary and then the general election.
  8. Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
  9. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., answers questions during a panel discussion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Feb. 26, 2022, in Orlando.
  10. In this May 2, 2003, photo, President George W. Bush declares the end of major combat in Iraq as he speaks aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln off the California coast. But the war dragged on for many years with what the U.S. Army’s history of the war termed “strategic failure.”
  11. Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event at the South Carolina Statehouse, Jan. 28, 2023, in Columbia, S.C.
  12. Soquoia Green, a cousin of Tyre Nichols, lights candles with family and friends during a vigil for him on Jan. 30 at Regency Community Skate Park in Natomas, California, where Mr. Nichols used to skateboard when he lived in Sacramento. Mr. Nichols, who moved to Tennessee in 2020, was fatally beaten by Memphis police earlier this month.
  13. U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.
  14. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on stage during the second debate between the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees on Oct. 9, 2016, at Washington University in St. Louis.
  15. In this NASA false-color image, the blue and purple shows the hole in Earth's protective ozone layer over Antarctica on Oct. 5, 2022. Earth’s protective ozone layer is slowly but noticeably healing at a pace that would fully mend the hole over Antarctica in about 43 years, a new United Nations report says. (NASA via AP, File)
  16. Rows of luggage wait for their owners in the Southwest Airlines baggage claim at LAX on Dec. 29, 2022.
  17. Rioters loyal to President Donald Trump rally at the U.S. Capitol in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021.
  18. A person enters the Israel Baptist Church in Kirkwood, Georgia, during election day on Tuesday.
  19. Neo-Nazis, alt-Right and white supremacists march the night before the "Unite the Right" rally, on Aug. 11, 2017, through the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va.
  20. Denmark's Andreas Cornelius, top right, fights for a high ball with Tunisia's Yassine Meriah during the World Cup group D soccer match between Denmark and Tunisia, at the Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar, on Tuesday. We can learn a lot about human rights by considering how the World Cup came to be played in Qatar.
  21. Former President Donald Trump works the crowd after Trump announces his bid for the presidency from his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach on Tuesday.
  22. A COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine is prepared ahead of a press conference this May at Dallas County Health and Human Services in Dallas.
  23. President Donald Trump greets the crowd on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington, D.C..