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I was born in El Paso, Texas, and could sing the complete theme to the 60's Spider-Man cartoon series as a preschooler. For better or worse, something stuck and I became a photojournalist. I have been at the Tampa Bay Times since 1997. When I started in Pasco County, it was a world of film, 60's Spidey-style. Since then my job has evolved from international work, to enterprise reporter, to multimedia enterprise reporter. In 2017-2018, I completed a Knight-Wallace Fellowship at the University of Michigan and am pursuing a Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of South Florida.

  1. May 18• Hillsborough
    Isaret Jeffers-Chávez, founder of Colectivo Arbol, an organization dedicated to helping Florida farmworkers. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  2. Cindy Organtini poses with donated clothes in the burned-out home of longtime friends. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  3. Denise McCabe with her gift, for a member of Vincent House, a nonprofit clubhouse that provides help for people with mental illness. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
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  5. Michelle Murphy, 51, (right) and her niece Stephanie Fortner, 46, (left) pose in their front yard "Lending Hope Library" Sunday, April 5, 2020.  [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  6. John Riesebeck, owner of Smokin' J's BBQ, poses in front of his smokehouse in Gulfport. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  7. Isadora Pendygraft carries a few books out from the Gulfport Public Library. She checked them out before the library shut down due to the coronavirus. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  8. Staci Plonsky holds art from her autistic son, A.J. Plonsky, depicting his memory of being taken by the school resource officer to a mental health facility under Florida's Baker Act law. The incident took place on A.J's first day of middle school. Photo taken November 17, 2019. [JOHN PENDYGRAFT  |  Times]
  9. Ann Corzo and her son Kristopher. [.]
  10. “When I hit my low points in life, I go the graveyard,” says Mary Jane Taylor, 18, at Oaklawn Cemetery in downtown Tampa last week. “Do I want to leave this earth being another transgender woman that was . . . not taken seriously?” 
  11. Pamela Block, 53, gives her dog Mishu a kiss as Anna Block, 11, (right) and Lily Block, 9, (rear left) get ready for School Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Anna was born with Bladder Exstrophy Syndrome. Her bladder was inside out and poked out of her belly. Since being adopted by Block in 2009, she has had two corrective surgeries. Lilly, who adopted by Block in 2008, was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot, a cardiac abnormality. Recent genetic tests have begun to explain a host of subtle symptoms; she runs out of breath quickly, has low muscle tone, always seems to have headaches and stomach aches. ?ˆš’When we leave the house, as far as the neighbors are concerned, we look like a family without a care. Because the kids are so outgoing and have these great personalities, our struggles are pretty much silent. But medical issues and medical appointments define our lives. When most kids are going to camps for vacation, we?ˆš•re going to hospitals,?ˆš“ Block says.
  12. The Mosley Motel has filed for bankruptcy, and stakes are high for three-year-old Lawrence E Pratt (left), his sister McKenzie Bell, 10, (right) and all the families that live there. Altis Cardinal Storage of Miami owns the Skyline Fifth apartment complex, which neighbors the Mosley. They are the hotel's main creditor and recently filed an emergency motion to prohibit the motel's use of cash collateral. The Mosley could close and all it's impoverished residents will have to find new homes.
  13. Willie Hairston, 29, gets his three youngest children, Avery, 1, Madison, 3, and Aiden, 2, ready for the ride to day care with the help of their mom, Zeneta Jackson, 37, while Trinity, 4. Aliajh, 8, and Zeneta’s mother are on the porch.
  14. Adán Martinez, 16, tries a cello at Violin Shop Tampa after a reader and the shop pledged $3,000 to help him add the second instrument he needs to qualify for the Juilliard music school in New York.
  15. JOHN PENDYGRAFT   |   Times
  16. Ad?n Martinez, 16, busks with his viola — named Lamar — to help raise money to pay for the instrument, which he is paying off in monthly installments of $109 for two years.
  17. Sara Ann Butler, 77, center, leads Susan O’Gara, 69, and Bill Houser, 64, in A Bicycle Built for Two during a Senior Medoly Sisters rehearsal recently.
  18. Maria Isabel Carabano, left, watches as husband and Rowdies midfielder Juan Guerra kisses their son, Santiago, after a season-opening 0-0 tie with the Indy Eleven on April 2. Guerra didn’t play in the game, something that in the past would have frustrated him for days. But since the birth of Santiago, Guerra says, his mind-set has changed.
  19. Chad Marsh, 35, performs a “human flag” in downtown St. Petersburg as part of his daily street workout, a trick he learned while trying to kick a painkiller addiction.
  20. Port Tampa Bay took delivery of two new, state-of-the-art Post-Panamax gantry cranes Friday, April 1, 2016.  The cranes will be used to unload cargo containers and can handle larger container ships which will start using the expanded Panama Canal in late June.  The new cranes have an outreach of 174 feet which will allow them to accommodate ships that are twice as big as the ships that currently deliver containers to the port.
  21. Bob Mitchell, 74, hates shopping and hates the wind chimes on his porch. He loves Nancy Hicks, 69, who has aphasia and needs his help to do the things she loves, like shopping and hanging wind chimes on their porch. Aphasia is a condition that leaves a person's intelligence and personality intact, but robs them of their ability to communicate. In Nancy's case, she can only say "baa."
  22. Feb. 3, 2016• Arts & Entertainment
    Nancy, left, whose outgoing nature wasn’t affected by her stroke, makes new friends with Bob on a shopping trip to Target in Largo: Chloe the dog and Carol Granese, visiting from New York.