John Strickhouser - News Editor

News Editor

As I grew up in the 1960s, it took awhile for my family to buy a TV. My mother, a preschool teacher, was a big believer in reading, creative activities and being active in the Miami sun. I think my dad was just glad to be spared the expense of a TV. So I read a lot, developed the creative side of my brain, listened to ballgames on the radio and spent a lot of time outside, pretending to be my favorite pro athletes. I attended the famous Joe Namath Super Bowl III and was shocked that some of the players were balding and looked kind of old. Maybe if I had seen them on TV ... That childhood has served me well as a Tampa Bay Times editor who specializes in sports. I edit copy, write headlines and photo captions and make the words match up with the page design. And, Like Father Like Daughter, my two girls rarely watch TV. However, it's because TV is for old people, they tell me.

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