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I’ve been a journalist since I was a junior in high school in Springfield, Mo. I took a two-year break after college for the Peace Corps, where I served in Guyana. Since, I’ve covered features, race, immigration, the census, aging and now local news for the Poynter Institute.

  1. Gabriel Horn, White Deer of Autumn, in 1993. He was an award-winning author and a teacher. "He was always teaching us," said daughter Calusa Horn.
  2. Longtime West Shore Elementary School Principal Harriet Foundas joins a group of fifth graders in the school's media room in 2000. The room had A's hanging from the ceiling to celebrate the school's ranking going from a D to an A.
  3. Caryle Cammisa spent most of her career in foreign service. After retiring, she moved to St. Petersburg, where she was involved in a number of organizations.
  4. John Ogden, pictured here in 1999 in Belize, previously served as director for the Florida Institute for Oceanography. During his time there, he added the Keys Marine Lab and helped create the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.
  5. Architect Sanford Goldman is pictured here in 1988. Goldman spent his life and career in St. Petersburg and the greater Tampa Bay area.
  6. Joseph Tonelli came to the St. Petersburg Times as a news artist in 1962, and he worked bringing the news to life there for 30 years.
  7. Bruce Karlin, owner of Bruce's Chicago Grill & Dog House, ran the restaurant for decades in Largo until it closed last year.
  8. Pictured in 2010, Bruce Karlin of Bruce's Chicago Grill & Dog House holds the loaded Chicago hot dog, left, and the Italian beef sandwich. His restaurant was filled to the rafters with Chicago memorabilia.
  9. Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Ralph Steinberg was counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until his retirement Dec.31, 2000. Steinberg, who was known for his humor and for treating everyone fairly, had been on the bench for 23 years.
  10. Jack Butcher was interviewed by a reporter in 1997 for a profile about him and his retirement from The Tampa Tribune. Butcher worked for the Tribune for more than 50 years, from paperboy to publisher.
  11. Marilyn Wittner with her son Fred Wittner. Fred was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 2 and had surgery that removed part of his brain. "Fred had a life apart from Marilyn," said her sister, Betty Tribble. He drove, worked and maintained some independence. "But he knew that his mother was always there for him if he needed her."
  12. Cecil Aird, pictured in 2000, prepares to start surgery at the Tampa Bay Hand Center. Aird spent his career in Tampa and Jamaica helping people regain use of their hands.
  13. St. Petersburg Artist Mark Noll was a multitalented artist who worked across various media. An enduring part of his art was the skull, which he carved smaller and smaller. Here he displays work at a Día de los Muertos show he curated at Florida CraftArt in 2018.
  14. Karen Steidinger stood for a portrait in the shallow water near North Shore park in St. Petersburg in 2006. Her life's work has formed the foundation of our understanding of Red Tide. "As much as she was a teacher, she was also, for her whole life, a student, too," said Leanne Flewelling, a former student and colleague. "She loved to learned about what you knew."
  15. Mary Wyatt Allen, pictured here in 1999 at a fundraiser for nonprofit groups and establishments, sat in a trolley car from the old trolley that once ran on Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg at the St. Petersburg Museum of History.
  16. Harriet Singletary Rayner was among the early Black graduates of the University of South Florida and built a career and family in St. Petersburg.
  17. In 1982, San Antonio, Fla., officials were sworn in to office. From left: Ted Schrader, Marguerite Limbrechet and Ralph Jones. Jones was born and raised in San Antonio and, after returning from the Korean War, developed several businesses that still operate today.
  18. Mike Pride grew up in Clearwater, where he also started his journalism career.
  19. Nunziata Bowers has a conversation with a customer in 2006. She was known as "Mama" by her regular customers.   SCOTT KEELER | Times
  20. Approaching her 91st birthday, Helen Cabrera, pictured in 2014,  prepared to close her dress shop at 5110 Armenia Ave. in Tampa, ending four-plus decades of dressing Tampa's fashionable ladies.
  21. Jane Davis Doggett worked with architect Roy Harrover and his team to bring graphic design and a process of moving people through large spaces, later called wayfinding, beginning in the late 1950s. Her favorite airport was Tampa International, which she worked on in the 1970s.
  22. Arthur Alimonos and his wife, Angeliky, had four children, all of whom took part in their businesses.
  23. José Alvarez and his wife, Hortensia, ran La Loma market for more than 40 years in West Tampa. Alvarez loved to work, took pride in his knife-sharpening skills and made sure his customers and community had enough.