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Enterprise reporter

I am a listener, a writer, a podcaster. I love embedding in strangers’ lives and sharing their stories. When I was 6 years old, growing up in D.C. during the Watergate scandal, I told my parents I was going to be a journalist. I was editor of the newspaper at the University of Virginia, then worked in newsrooms across the East Coast. Over the last 30 years, I have written more than 3,000 stories. I came to the Times in 2000 and have followed a feral child who was adopted, a girl whose dad dropped her off a bridge and a dying boy waiting for his miracle. I’ve won dozens of national awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. I’m also a mother, a dog lover and die-hard Deadhead.

  1. Darryl Quesenberry performs on a Saturday night in November to a packed crowd at The Craftsman House Gallery.
    Reporter Lane DeGregory talks about sharing an emotional night with a dying musician.
  2. Adam Playford, the Times' deputy editor for investigations, talks about how to vet story ideas.
    Adam Playford, Times’ deputy editor for investigations, talks about how he decides what to pursue.
  3. The scales at Publix stores are typically near the exits, so shoppers can weigh themselves before leaving the store. (MARTHA ASENCIO RHINE   |   Times)
    In case you’re making resolutions on this New Year’s Day.
  4. Coach Andy Chasanoff, who is wrapping up a long career, celebrates with Abby Bischoff.
    Hillsborough rec department’s Andy Chasanoff about to retire after 50 years of coaching.
  5. Amal Mikhail and her son, Andrea, with their first Christmas tree in America.
    A few years ago, an Egyptian family started over in Tarpon Springs, free to celebrate their faith.
  6. Shane Sheil, 29, right, grew up in foster care in Pinellas County when he was profiled by the Times in 2006. He’s now a meat cutter in East St. Louis, is married, has a stepson, and several pets, including his dog Rooster.
    “I wish someone would actually be there for me, you know?" a 16-year-old Shane Sheil told the Times in 2006. It took a while, but he found one.
  7. Anthony Stokes, left, during a court hearing last week in Pinellas County.
    Pinellas judge struggles to find correct sentence for man police say is responsible for many attacks.
  8. Ellen Clarke's desk features a lot of reminders of Owen.
    Lane DeGregory and Maria Carrillo share advice on chasing children and deadlines.
  9. Shane Sheil, 16, only wanted three things for Christmas, an Xbox 360, a skateboard and a family.  After a story about Shane ran in the St. Petersburg Times, the community responded, and two of his three wishes have already been fulfilled.  Someone donated an Xbox 360 to him, and a local skateboard shop offered to let him come in and pick out anything he wanted.  He now spends his days playing games like Need for Speed Carbon with friends, and said he hopes he can go get the skateboard up soon.  (MELISSA LYTTLE | Times)
    The generosity of more than 100 people Shane Sheil, a 16-year-old in Pinellas County’s foster care system, never met changed his life.
  10. Shane Sheil, 16, rides his bike to and from school every day.  He prides himself on his speed as well as being self-sufficient.   (MELISSA LYTTLE | Times)
    “I wish someone would actually be there for me, you know? I’m outgoing. I can bring joy. I just want to be adopted.”