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Enterprise reporter

I am a listener, a writer, a podcaster. I love embedding in strangers’ lives and sharing their stories. When I was 6 years old, growing up in D.C. during the Watergate scandal, I told my parents I was going to be a journalist. I was editor of the newspaper at the University of Virginia, then worked in newsrooms across the East Coast. Over the last 30 years, I have written more than 3,000 stories. I came to the Times in 2000 and have followed a feral child who was adopted, a girl whose dad dropped her off a bridge and a dying boy waiting for his miracle. I’ve won dozens of national awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. I’m also a mother, a dog lover and die-hard Deadhead.

  1. "I pray for hope. Sometimes, it is a cry for help," explains Martí Gonzalez, whose son Patrick was 2 months old when she found him unresponsive in his crib in May 2015. "Some days, I'm OK, and some days, I'm not."
    In Pinellas County, officials say Sudden Infant Death Syndrome doesn’t exist.
  2. Victor Becerra kisses his wife, Maria Martinez Rivera, at Tampa International Airport. She recently returned after being gone since April 2018.
    Congressman’s office got involved in helping secure a visa and bringing mother back to her American family.
  3. These kids have their own podcast about children's books. And they told us about their favorite stories.
  4. Fans and family packed The Craftsman House Gallery in St. Petersburg on Nov. 16 to celebrate Darryl Quesenberry, who has been a staple in the Tampa Bay music scene for decades. Funky D, as he's known, has been battling colon cancer for three years.
    ‘How many people get to plan their own funeral?’
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  6. Tom Jones of the Poynter Institute talks about his favorite journalism movies.
  7. In the Tampa Bay Times newsroom, we capture each other's quotes on a wall of fame.
  8. Jan Winburn encourages reporters to put themselves into their stories when they have a unique perspective to add.