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Enterprise reporter

I am a listener, a writer, a podcaster. I love embedding in strangers’ lives and sharing their stories. When I was 6 years old, growing up in D.C. during the Watergate scandal, I told my parents I was going to be a journalist. I was editor of the newspaper at the University of Virginia, then worked in newsrooms across the East Coast. Over the last 30 years, I have written more than 3,000 stories. I came to the Times in 2000 and have followed a feral child who was adopted, a girl whose dad dropped her off a bridge and a dying boy waiting for his miracle. I’ve won dozens of national awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing. I’m also a mother, a dog lover and die-hard Deadhead.

  1. Lincoln DeLuna and his family feed ducks on an August afternoon.
  2. Monica Herndon was a regular presence at football and baseball games in Tampa Bay.
  3. Victor Becerra, a U.S. citizen born in Mexico, holds a picture of his family drawn by his son.
  4. Esmeralda Bermudez of the Los Angeles Times talks to high school students.
  5. Chip Scanlan is a St. Petersburg-based writing coach.
  6. Michelle Schaefer of the Healthy Start Coalition demonstrates how an infant should sleep during a press conference on Monday.
    In the last decade, almost 100 infants suffocated in the county -- many in their parents’ beds
  7. Randy Mink, then mayor of Bowling Green, reacts to the Army Corps of Engineers decision to remove the generator powering City Hall.
  8. Andy Mills of The New York Times, seen here at a conference in Norway, works on "The Daily" podcast.
  9. Anthony DeLuna and Maggie Hoyle-Germann help their son Lincoln, 5, cross the road to find ducks near their home in Lutz in late August. Lincoln has a rare genetic disease which makes it hard for him to move, and impossible to breathe without a ventilator.
    Tampa boy with genetic disease has put on weight and started kindergarten.
  10. Andy Mills of The New York Times