Maria Carrillo - Deputy Editor, Enterprise

Deputy Editor, Enterprise

I grew up speaking Spanish at home, thanks to my Cuban parents, and my kindergarten teacher at Pixieland once complained to my mom about my poor English. I caught up quickly, though. Became a journalist because I love words and couldn’t believe someone would pay me to string them together. Now I get paid to edit stories that usually take a lot of time and effort. Mostly, they run on Sundays. I moved to St. Pete from Houston and to Texas from Norfolk, Va. Apparently, I’m drawn to swampland and places that attract hurricanes.

  1. Sep. 24, 2018• All Eyes
    Trash collects in JoeÕs Creek Watershed, Pinellas Park Ditch, on  Sept. 17, 2019 in Pinellas Park. The grasses and sediment acts as camouflages for an alligator to the right of the trash.
    The Tampa Bay Times has a seat in a Florida Waters Stewardship Program, a seven-week course that aims to teach residents how to do their part. Follow along as we move in and out of the classroom and...
  2. Copy of a photo of Ruben Bell Jr. in 1967 from a Marine yearbook of Bell's Paris Island boot camp class. Another member of the class read about there not being a good photo of Bell for the Vietnam Veterans Fund folks who are collecting pictures of soldiers killed in Vietnam.
  3. Freddy Castillo, owner of Orlando Latin Market, says he and his wife, Damaris, worked long hours when they first bought the store. But as the business grew, things got easier. [MONICA HERNDON   |   Times]