Maria Carrillo - Deputy Editor, Enterprise

Deputy Editor, Enterprise

I grew up speaking Spanish at home, thanks to my Cuban parents, and my kindergarten teacher at Pixieland once complained to my mom about my poor English. I caught up quickly, though. Became a journalist because I love words and couldn’t believe someone would pay me to string them together. Now I get paid to edit stories that usually take a lot of time and effort. Mostly, they run on Sundays. I moved to St. Pete from Houston and to Texas from Norfolk, Va. Apparently, I’m drawn to swampland and places that attract hurricanes.

  1. Times editor Mark Katches at work in St. Petersburg, Fla.
  2. Feb. 12• WriteLane
    Andy Chasanoff coached students with disabilities for more than 50 years before retiring earlier this year.
  3. Feb. 5• WriteLane
    Girls wait nervously to begin a performance of ballet folklorico at the rec center in Tommytown.
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  5. Justin Shea receives a pat on the back after playing at Vincent House in Seminole.
  6. A family photo of Patrick Gonzalez taken the day he died. He was 2 months old.
  7. Darryl Quesenberry performs on a Saturday night in November to a packed crowd at The Craftsman House Gallery.
  8. Adam Playford, the Times' deputy editor for investigations, talks about how to vet story ideas.
  9. The scales at Publix stores are typically near the exits, so shoppers can weigh themselves before leaving the store. (MARTHA ASENCIO RHINE   |   Times)
  10. Amal Mikhail and her son, Andrea, with their first Christmas tree in America.
  11. Ellen Clarke's desk features a lot of reminders of Owen.
  12. These kids have their own podcast about children's books. And they told us about their favorite stories.
  13. Nov. 20, 2019• WriteLane
    Author Beth Macy, center, tells the story behind her latest book, Dopesick.
  14. Tom Jones of the Poynter Institute talks about his favorite journalism movies.
  15. Nov. 6, 2019• WriteLane
    In the Tampa Bay Times newsroom, we capture each other's quotes on a wall of fame.
  16. Oct. 30, 2019• WriteLane
    Jan Winburn encourages reporters to put themselves into their stories when they have a unique perspective to add.
  17. Lincoln DeLuna and his family feed ducks on an August afternoon.
  18. Oct. 16, 2019• WriteLane
    Monica Herndon was a regular presence at football and baseball games in Tampa Bay.
  19. Oct. 9, 2019• WriteLane
    Victor Becerra, a U.S. citizen born in Mexico, holds a picture of his family drawn by his son.
  20. Esmeralda Bermudez of the Los Angeles Times talks to high school students.
  21. Chip Scanlan is a St. Petersburg-based writing coach.
  22. Randy Mink, then mayor of Bowling Green, reacts to the Army Corps of Engineers decision to remove the generator powering City Hall.