Martin Frobisher - Digital Programmer

Digital Programmer

When I was a kid in California, I got a bike. I tried to make money with it, delivering our local afternoon newspaper. It was fun, but the money was tragic. After blowing through a small fortune in tips working as a waiter at an overpriced restaurant, a girlfriend talked me into working at the ridiculously named Beach Peoples’ Easy Reader, where I learned how to put other people’s stories into print. I followed a girlfriend to Tallahassee. She dropped me after I got a job at the Democrat, where I once got to yell “stop the presses.” I met my wife-to-be there in 1980, and when she was hired at the then-St. Petersburg Times I came with her, of course. I’ve been involved with many cool projects here, including PolitiFact and Failure Factories. As a web designer, my job entails writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, work on the Arc CMS and our own Lede page building tool, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator.