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News Editor

I grew up in St. Petersburg watching the dancing chickens at Webb's City and riding my bike to the Fountain of Youth, which must have taken because four decades later I'm still at the Tampa Bay Times. Before work, I explore the boardwalks of nature preserves and at night I'm glued to the TV watching everything geeky.

  1. Aug. 24, 2011• Archive
    It's a journey many of us share. Sometimes we need to be reminded. The caregivers, and those we care for, are not alone.
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    The Ouija board has spoken: Tell us about your favorite toys. And so it came to be.
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    The alluring blooms and captivating fragrancesof the plumeria can easily be yours. Give in.
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    Yes, you can lower your air-conditioning costs without sacrificing comfort. Here's how.
  7. Mar. 1, 2011• Archive
    Carefully restored 1920s bungalows are among homes to tour.
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