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I am the reporter who found the lost segregation-era all-black Zion Cemetery. My unique beat also includes the local film industry, Tampa history, professional wrestling and the odd and unique people who make up this area. I have been a journalist in Tampa since 1999. In my younger years, I was also an independent filmmaker best known for an award-winning documentary on Charlie Wall, Tampa’s first crime lord. At home, I am married to a woman who is way out of my league and father of four kids who have diverse career goals – engineer, veterinarian, ballerina, and a “fighting ninja,” as opposed to a pacifist ninja.

  1. The book "Burgert Brothers: Another Look" compares 80 Tampa locations photographed by the Burgert Brothers in the early 1900s with how they look today.
  2. West Tampa's Bustillo Bros. and Diaz Cigar Company factory has been recently sold and will be converted to apartments by the new owners.
  3. Bran Castle is the Transylvanian fortress connected to the Dracula myth.
  4. An architectural rendering of the future upgraded Woodson African American Museum of Florida.
  5. A resident-led raid breaks up an illegal casino in Tampa in 1952.
  6. Tampa Bay Times reporter Paul Guzzo and actor and filmmaker Joe Davison search for signs of paranormal activity at the Cuban Club in Ybor City. After mysterious sightings and reports from staff, the Cuban Club is considered by some to be one of Tampa Bay's most haunted buildings.
  7. Former Clearwater Marine Aquarium' CEO David Yates is producing five movies in Tampa Bay this year.
  8. Fiona Joy, 15, and her father Matt Gootson, 42, along with the book “The Kid Who Only Hit Homers” at the Crescent Lake Park baseball field in St. Petersburg.
  9. This home where the 1990 fantasy romance film "Edward Scissorhands" was made at 1774 Tinsmith Circle, in Lutz, has been converted into a private museum dedicated to the movie by the home’s new owners, Joey and Sharon Licalzi.
  10. Ralph Wimbish Sr. integrated the lunch counter in 1961 at Maas Brothers in St. Petersburg
  11. A set of Bolita balls in the University of South Florida Special Collections office.
  12. Pasco County historian Jeff Cannon says this concrete slab marks Eugenia Osburn Howell's grave still located on land that was once Prospect Cemetery.
  13. Stu Schwartz heading back to the locker room followed by a bloody Dick Murdoch.
  14. A view of the Showmen’s Rest Cemetery at 3541 N. North Blvd. in Tampa. A developer wants to buy an unused portion of Showmen's Rest Cemetery for circus and carnival workers and build up to 15 single family homes on the land.
  15. The Afterholic Speakeasy's “Haunted Tavern” in Ybor City.
  16. Angela Alderman has on a decade long search for her great uncle's grave in College Hill Cemetery that was located where the Italian Club Cemetery's parking lot is today. Alderman is holding her uncle's death certificate in the parking lot.
  17. Tampa native and resident Ettore Ewen, who performs as Big E, celebrates after winning the WWE Championship.
  18. Winter the bottlenose dolphin swims in a tank at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter became widely known for having a prosthetic tail after being found entangled in a crab trap line in Mosquito Lagoon near Cape Canaveral on Florida's east coast on Dec. 10, 2005. Injuries from the crab trap resulted in the loss of her tail.
  19. The Tampa Tribune headline about the teenager who flew a plane into downtown Tampa's Bank of America building.
  20. A view of the Crescent Lake water tower overlooking the Huggins-Stengel Baseball Field in St. Petersburg. Nearly 40 years ago, eccentric New York author Byron Priess published "The Secret," a book of fairy tale-like cryptic paintings and correlating verses that double as clues in a treasure hunt he created for 12 jewels. So far, only three have been unearthed and the author died without providing more clues. But a Nashville father and daughter believe clues point to one being buried near Crescent Lake Park's Huggins-Stengel Field.
  21. Exterior de la Fábrica Y. Pendas y Alvarez Cigar Factory, , que la familia Boscaino planea restaurar en una bodega y un bar de vinos. IVY CEBALLO
  22. (Left to right) Tony Panaccio, Reginald Roundtree, John Wilson and Paul Wilson are working on a book and movie about how Panaccio and John and Paul Wilson's coverage of Ted Bundy's execution forever linked their lives.
  23. The Sulphur Springs water tower near the I-275 Sligh Avenue exit