Rachel West - Sports Multimedia Producer

Sports Multimedia Producer

I can’t throw a football like Tom Brady, shoot a slapshot like Steven Stamkos or run down a fly ball like Kevin Kiermaier, but I’d put my love of sports up against theirs any day. Do my friends specifically wait to contact me until after a game ends? Maybe. I spent a lot of my life on a softball field, having played for 15 years. After growing up in Sarasota, I went to the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and have had the opportunity to work for both the Rays and Lightning broadcast teams. Now, working for the Tampa Bay Times, I feel like I get the best of all worlds covering all the area teams. Outside of work, Bachelor Mondays are sacred (Please don’t judge.) I’m always on the hunt for the best chicken tenders in town, but I’ve yet to find any that disappoint. I also love country music and have attended more than my fair share of concerts, where I’ve learned that I can’t sing like Luke Bryan either.