Scott Keeler - Photographer


A friend showed my parents a copy of Florida’s Best Newspaper in the early 1970s when he found out I was interested in a photography career. “Bill, Scott should work here," he said to my father. "Just look at these beautiful color pictures.” Twenty years later, that advice came true for me. I’ve covered many interesting and wonderful assignments over a 32-year career at the Tampa Bay Times, including travel stories, yummy food creations, news stories, and politics. I’ve traveled to Tallahassee over 20 years to cover the Florida Legislature and governor. The one aspect of my job as a photojournalist I enjoy most is the spontaneity of the work. You never know what you might be covering in the day. I also enjoy meeting people and listening to their stories.

  1. [ANGELIQUE HERRING   |   Times]
    Our photographers captured fireworks and festivities around the community
  2. Pre-k through fifth-grade students at Douglas L. Jamerson Jr. Elementary were rewarded with snow for their annual 'Snow Day' Friday at the school in St. Petersburg.
  3. Gabriel Smith, 17, gathers sandbags in front of the Grady Market and Consulate Suites storage warehouse while working to prepare the building for potential flooding in downtown Apalachicola. (Douglas R. Clifford)
  4. Lorraine Margeson erects a bird nesting marker on Outback Key, a shoal near Fort De Soto Park and the mouth of Tampa Bay. [SCOTT KEELER   |   Times]
  5. Lorraine Margeson erects a bird nesting marker on Outback Key, a shoal near Fort De Soto Park and the mouth of Tampa Bay. [SCOTT KEELER   |   Times]
  6. Aleida Gonzalez stacks "Factory Throwout " cigars after pulling them from the machine that packs and rolls them. [SCOTT KEELER   |   Times]
  7. SCOTT KEELER   |   Times Left to Right: Adriana Alvarado, 13, Jennifer Pino, 11, Caliana Rivera, 12, and Daijiona Smith, 11, all 6th graders at Webb Middle School, Tampa, listen to speakers during the kickoff of the American Heart Association Tampa Bay's STEM Goes Red event at Tech Data Corporation, Clearwater, 11/14/17.  The all-day event introduced 140 middle school girls to the STEM industries which include: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The students also heard from industry leaders like Wendy Bahr, Senior Vice President of Cisco's Global Partner Organization.
  8. Thirty refugees to the United States became US Citizens, Friday, as they were sworn in during a Naturalization Oath Ceremony, Friday, 6/16/17 at Pinellas Technical College, St. Petersburg. Front, left to right: are new US citizens Ali Alazzawi who is from Iraq, and Mileydis Guerra from Cuba. 30 refugees became US citizens. The ceremony also included recognition to World Refugee Day.
  9. Base runner Ripley Brown, 9, of St. Petersburg, a kickball player for J.W. Cate Recreation Center, right, gets back to third base as third baseman Donnie Summers, 9, St. Petersburg of Campbell Park Recreation Center, awaits the throw, left, Friday, 4/14/17 at Woodlawn Park. 130 children, ages 6-11 representing 10 City of St. Petersburg recreation centers participate in the St. Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department kickball games each Friday. The season concludes with playoff gamers in May. J.W. Cate defeated Campbell Park 7-2.