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  1. Flavored carbonated waters. PepsiCo is introducing a brand called Bubly that it hopes will capitalize on the popularity of fizzy flavored water. Making a big bet that the fizzy flavored water market isnâ\u0080\u0099t saturated by the segmentâ\u0080\u0099s dominant brand, LaCroix. (Jens Mortensen/The New York Times)
  2. Some of the awards from the Brewer's Ball held Sunday at Water Works Park in Tampa. Photo courtesy of Best Florida Beer
  3. Cold brew coffee made at home by Scott Pollenz, after much trial and error to get the recipe ratio just right. Photos by Scott Pollenz, Times staff writer.
  4. Engine Rose in St. Petersburg. [Photo by EVE EDELHEIT   |   Times]
  5. The Spirited Sipper can be served warm or cold, depending on your preference. Being a Florida boy, I would go with the iced tea option.
  6. Photo of frose cocktail, for Taste Drink of the Week.
  7. The caipirinha uses cachaca, a Brazilian rim distilled from sugarcane juice.
  8. The Chayote Chiller cocktail, left, and a Yuca Iced Coffee make use of exotic vegetables in unique beverages.
  9. Photo of Fourth of July cocktail the Rocket Pop, for Taste.
  10. June 6, 2016• Bars & Breweries
    What do you get when you combine lemonade 
and beer?
A shandy.
  11. Mezcal cocktails, from left: Mezcal Marg, Strawberry Basil Mez Marg and Sand Pit Margarita.
  12. April 25, 2016• Bars & Breweries
    Wet your whistle with Springtime Herbal Punch, a refreshing twist on the classic mojito.
  13. From left are the Breakfast Old Fashioned, An Eggselent Margarita and the Penthouse, all of which incorporate egg whites.
  14. March 1, 2016• Bars & Breweries
    Who says you have to be wed to tradition when it comes to a mimosa?
  15. Valentine’s Day Picnic Punch sangria.
  16. The tbt* Fast News Mule uses whiskey, not vodka, and makes for a fine Florida winter cocktail.
  17. Which one of these delectable foods are you?