1. Bucs

Banks, Murphy not arguing costly penalties

Published Oct. 7, 2014

As the Bucs look to limit their mistakes moving forward after being flagged for 15 penalties in Sunday's loss to the Saints, cornerback Johnthan Banks admitted he committed the illegal-hands-to-the-face foul he was flagged for on a third down in overtime.

"I did it. It was a penalty," Banks said. "I was walking up and moving as the ball was being snapped. I just wasn't ready."

Bucs WR Louis Murphy and LB Danny Lansanah were flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct in their touchdown celebrations -- Lansanah used the ball as a prop after he flipped into the end zone, and Murphy was flagged for inappropriate language, something he admitted to Tuesday.

"In the heat of the battle, words are being said to each other, a lot of trash talking," Murphy said. "I guess I took it a little bit too far, and like I told Coach (Lovie Smith), my apologies, my bad on that."

Banks said he would like to see how good the Bucs could be without the limitations of their own penalties, something he hopes he can see on Sunday when the team plays host to the Ravens.

"I know what this team could be with a clean game. We take those 15 penalties away, that's crazy. We don't have 15 penalties, who knows how bad we could have beat those guys," Banks said. "We were up 11 points in the fourth quarter and we had 15 penalties. We're just shooting ourselves in the foot, every time."