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Biggest surprise: Miami Vice only lasted 5 seasons? Or that it featured a Sinead O'Connor tune?

After two songs from Season 2 of Miami Vice, we fast forward to the Season 5, the last season of Miami Vice, and go alternative with Sinead O'Connor and I Want You (Hands On Me).

While the majority of songs featured in Miami Vice were rock in nature, occasionally the music directors ventured outside the box and in episode five of the last season, which aired in 1989, there was a club scene that featured I Want Your (Hands On Me), a non-charting song featured on O'Connor's landmark debut album The Lion and The Cobra.

While Crockett and Tubbs had the stylish hair, O'Connor sports no hair in the flower-laden 1988 video for I Want Your (Hands On Me). There are two versions of this song including one that features a rap by MC Lyte in the middle and today's featured video thankfully omits that version. Besides Vice, I Want Your (Hands on Me) also was featured in A Nightmare On Elm Street IV.