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Billy Joel's wife gives birth to daughter; Vulture gives birth to ultimate Billy Joel song ranking

Congratulations to Billy Joel and his wife Alexis on the birth of their daughter Della Rose. Before you ask, Joel is 66; Alexis is 33. Still keeping the faith there, Billy.

Earlier this year, the Vulture Blog (amazing - you should be reading it every day) ranked every one of Joel's songs, from 1 to 121. The writer, Christopher Bonanos, added commentary and explanation for each song's ranking. Below, I've pulled all the '80s songs that appeared in the Top 20 of the list, along with a snippet of the author's comments.

Sadly missing: And So It Goes from 1989's Storm Front album. Probably my all-time favorite Billy Joel song, just swimming in a pool of honey-thick sentiment.

And in case you're wondering, the No. 1 song was - rightfully - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant from The Stranger in 1977, an album every one of us probably owned at some point. (And not just because it's name-checked in St. Elmo's Fire.) The writer's love of the album An Innocent Man is a little baffling - easily one of my least favorite pieces of work - but to each his own. Still an amazing venture from Vulture.


4. Sleeping with the Television On (Glass Houses, 1980): "The best Billy Joel song that was never a hit."

5. An Innocent Man (An Innocent Man, 1983): "Hard to think of a rock star as an innocent, but he really was — don't forget that he was repeatedly conned out of millions of dollars by his managers and handlers."

9. I Don't Want to Be Alone, (Glass Houses, 1980): "A great next-phase–New Wave pop song, one that deserves to come out of the trunk."

10. The Longest Time (An Innocent Man, 1983): "Not profound, but a superior piece of pop craftsmanship."

11. Leave a Tender Moment Alone (An Innocent Man, 1983): "Arguably the best vocal recording he ever made: His voice is really supple, midway between his early quavery thing and his later baritone."

18. It's Still Rock and Roll to Me (Glass Houses, 1980): "Most fans would put this one much higher on the list. It does have about the purest, cleanest production he ever had."

20. This Is the Time (The Bridge, 1986): "Another '80s-prom anthem, and I think you have to be a real churl to hate it."