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Binge-worthy summer shows and podcasts for the long weekend

Though the Florida weather has us thinking otherwise, fall is on its way. That means the return of pumpkin spice, cooler (maybe) breezes and a massive amount of new television. Before you fill up your must-watch lists with juicy dramas, laugh-til-you-cry comedies and plenty of remakes to quench your thirst for nostalgia, take the weeks before the first day of fall September 22 to binge some of these summer hits.

Best rom-com on TV

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, CW

Technically last fall's hit, Netflix has the first season available to stream and the second season premieres in October. Following savvy lawyer Rebecca Bunch as she spontaneously moves from New York City to West Covina, Calif., for ex-boyfriend, Josh, will have you saying "Lol, literally me."

Political sci-fi

Braindead, CBS

Political satire and ludicrousness are rampant in the CBS comic-thriller set in Washington, D.C. The show from the creators of The Good Wife follows a new Hill staffer as she discovers the government has stopped working (not surprising), but something strange is happening to the minds of congressmen (again, not surprising). Binge the first season on CBS All Access.

Juicy crime drama

The Night Of, HBO

HBO's gritty summer murder drama wrapped up its season last weekend after eight intense episodes. Does any really know who killed Andrea Cornish? The Night Of is the TV equivalent of a hard-boiled beach read. Stream on HBO Go and HBO Now.

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1980s nostalgia

Stranger Things, Netflix

We shouldn't even have to tell you to watch all eight episodes of this summer TV obsession. A beautiful ode to '80s sci-fi and cult classics with a hint of Stephen King horror and suspense. Perfect for fans of The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Clash. Stream the first season on Netflix.

REVIEW: Stranger Things on Netflix is a thrilling ode to '80s sci-fi and cult classics

Supernatural thriller

Preacher, AMC

Who said a supernatural wild west thriller wouldn't do well on the small screen? Based off a jarring, crude but utterly fantastic comic series from Vertigo, Preacher follows a small-town man of God struggling to fulfill his late father's wishes and grappling with the discovery of his unearthly power. Throw in a couple heavenly hosts, a cowboy bounty hunter and an ex-girlfriend out for revenge. This isn't your grandfather's Western.

Boldly go

Star Trek turns 50 this week, and the Smithsonian channel has a lively two-hour documentary on how the series impacted modern science and technology. Building Stark Trek explores how many of the space-age technologies seen in the 1966 show space shuttles, cell phones, computer - are no longer science fiction. Just want to binge the show? Every Star Trek iteration, including movies, is available on Netflix. 8 p.m. Sunday.

Podcasts by nature are nuggets of bingeable goodness. These are just two of the thousands making their way up the cast charts.

For those who miss school already

Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History

The famous journalist and author started his Revisionist History podcast in June with a 37-minute episode on a famous English painting created by an unknown female artist from the late 19th century. The episodes delves into the fate of those who were "first through the door," as Gladwell puts it, touching on life after fame and revolutions that never really started. And this is just the first episode.

The remaining nine explore secret research projects during the Vietnam War, people doing dumb things, hysteria overtaking common sense, a look at the pros and cons of social protest and more. Gladwell puts new angles on common and overlooked historical events, making us go, "huh, I never thought of it that way before." Listen through iTunes, Stitcher and at

For old time radio lovers

Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

While this podcast has great reviews for creativity, it can come off corny to the casual listener. With voice actors, sound effects and casual banter between the hosts, Unsolved Murders is a modern take on old time radio shows. Hosts Carter Roy and Wendy Mackenzie delve into the case of the Axeman of New Orleans in the first few episodes. The voice reading the Axeman's published letters will definitely give you chills. Listen through iTunes, Stitcher and

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