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Bomb squad called after children discover World War II-era bomb in Florida back yard

Police evacuated several homes in Boca Raton on Friday after children dug up what appeared to be a World War II-era bomb in their back yard, police said Tuesday.

The device resembled an AN MK-43 bomb, the Boca Raton Police Department said, which warranted a bomb squad to come and investigate. They determined it was only a practice bomb and was no threat to the public.

The "practice bomb" will now go on display at the Boca Raton Historical Society, police said.

The explosive look-alike was found between the Boca Raton Airport and Florida Atlantic University, near where the former Boca Raton Army Air Field was during World War II, police said.

The practice bomb was one of three similar miniature practice bombs used for low-altitude horizontal or dive bombing practice during WWII, according to

"Mom did the right thing and called us to check it out," Boca Raton's police chief said. "Remember to call us if you see something that may be dangerous and let's be careful out there."

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