Florida mother arrested after filming daughter licking tongue depressor

Asked why she recorded the video, the woman said, "I was just being silly with my kids."
Published July 12
Updated July 12

A Florida mother was arrested Thursday after recording a video of her underage daughter appearing to lick a tongue depressor and then returning it to a jar at a doctor's office.

Cori Ward, 30, faces a charge of tampering with a consumer product without regard for possible death/bodily injury, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

In the video, the girl is seen touching multiple tongue depressors before taking one out, licking it and putting it back in a jar underneath a sign that reads, “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH MEDICAL SUPPLIES! THANK YOU!”

The viral video, recorded at the All About Kids and Families Medical Center office, was posted to Facebook on Tuesday by a user who initially saw it on SnapChat. It has since been taken down.

Asked by News4Jax why she recorded the video, Ward said, "I had just been waiting a long time. I was just being silly with my kids.

“I feel like this is not even real," she continued, "and if I could go back and change it, I definitely would."

The medical center released a statement saying it has removed all materials from the room in the video and sanitized the entire facility.

Wade’s arrest comes a week after police in Lufkin, Texas, identified a girl who was recorded in a viral video licking a tub of ice cream and returning it to a grocery store shelf.

A short video posted to social media last week shows the woman laughing as she places the top back on the half-gallon container and returns it to the freezer.

Blue Bell said the container was found and removed.

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