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Tim Curry knows anything can happen on Halloween

This long-lost '80s classic might be the perfect song for October 31.

Here's today's Lost-and-Found installment from Kevin Wuench:

Tim Curry has a special place in our generation's Halloween hearts. As Dr. Frank-N-Furter in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and then as the original Pennywhistle in It, Curry both frightened and amused us. In between those epic performances was another Halloween delight as Curry proves that Anything Can Happen On Halloween.

In 1986, Curry appeared in the made-for-TV kids movie The Worst Witch. Alongside Dianna Rigg and Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garrett on Facts Of Life), Curry starred as The Grand Wizard in a movie based on the Worst Witch children's book series that started in the '70s. While originally airing in England, I am sure many of 80's Nation watched The Worst Witch on HBO or Disney growing up. While I personally missed it, that's no reason not to be nostalgic over Curry's magnum opus of the film – a song production aptly named Anything Can Happen On Halloween.

There are so many highlights in Anything Can Happen On Halloween that it's impossible to mention all of them , but besides the campy song, how can you not love Curry's bat bowtie, song lyrics that include name drops for Idaho and sardines and of course, heavy tambourine action?

Watch the video here.

The Worst Witch has been revived as a new TV series in England, however Curry can't be part of the celebration as in 2012 Curry suffered a stroke and is confined to a wheelchair and rarely makes public appearances and only occasionally does voice work. Besides The Worst Witch, Curry's other movie roles in the '80s included Clue, Legend and Annie.