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Not sure if you got the telegraph, but Halloween is over

This Bauhaus song deserves as much love as its famous Halloween counterpart.

Here's today's Lost-and-Found installment from Kevin Wuench:

Another Halloween has passed and how many times did you hear Bauhaus' Bela Lugosi's Dead in October? While Bela Lugosi is a great song and was runner-up in the Stuck in the '80s Halloween Podcast (Pt. 1) for best Halloween song of the '80s, Bauhaus is more than that one song, so as we pack away our costumes and impose the candy tax on our kid's stash, let's ring the door bell one last time with a lesser-known Bauhaus song – Telegram Sam.

Telegram Sam is not a Bauhaus original as the glam rock band T. Rex hit the top of the U.K. charts with the song in 1972. The 1980 Bauhaus version did not chart. The Marc Bolan-penned song was inspired by a telegram received by Bolan from his accountant Sam Adler warning him not to spend all of this money after Get It On (Bang A Gong) raced to the top of the charts in 1971 in England (and Top 10 in the U.S.).

While the video for Telegram Sam is not a scary video, Bauhaus was considered pioneers of Goth Rock, so it's no surprise that the view is dark full of scenes filmed underground with lead singer Peter Murphy casting odd shadows at night.

Bauhaus, which has been covered by Dr. Dim in the Never Found series twice, broke up in 1983 with Murphy having a solid solo career and other members forming Love And Rockets.