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Major League, Young Guns could be up next for remakes

Should these '80s classics get reboots? Here are three reasons not to.

So rumor has it that Major League and Young Guns are going to get reboots – possibly with the original casts.

The news comes from Movieweb, which reports that Morgan Creek Productions, which is rebranding itself as Morgan Creek Entertainment Group. (Why? Who knows? I'm no marketing pro.) Apparently the first move – aside from changing the sign out front – is looking at their massive collection of movies over the past few decades and seeing which bones have some more meat to be pulled off them.

Frankly, I couldn't care less about a Young Guns remake. I barely remember seeing the original 1988 film, which starred Emilio Estevez as Billy The Kid. But Major League? That 1989 flick, starring Charlie Sheen (Emilio's brother … is that a coincidence?) as the pitcher of the Cleveland Indians on an unlikely playoff run, is still one of my favorite baseball movies of ANY decade. And as such, it should not be remade.

Here are three reasons.

1. The original Major League worked because the real-life baseball team was a joke at the time, and so was the town it called home. But a lot has changed in the last 30 years. Cleveland has been through a major redevelopment and frankly can proclaim itself as the coolest city in Ohio. (Granted, it's still Ohio.) And the Indians? To quote the on-screen manager Lou Brown (played by James Gammon): "We're contenders now."

2. Charlie Sheen is probably box-office poison for another 5 years. When was the last time anyone said, "Let's go see that new Charlie Sheen movie."

3. The great Hollywood remake debacle. Sorry, Tinsel Town, but you're on a losing streak when it comes to '80s remakes. Let's face it. If you want to compare your success to a pro team, better to pick the Cleveland Browns than the Cleveland Indians.