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Still a mystery why this tune didn’t chart for Dire Straits

"Private Investigations" was a missing classic in the '80s.

Here's today's Lost-and-Found item by Kevin Wuench:

As we transition from Halloween, we can still have some intrigue in our music videos so let's finish off the week with a couple of videos that move from scares to mystery starting off with Dire Straits and Private Investigations.

In America, Dire Straits reached No. 1 on the singles chart once with Money For Nothing, but in their home country of England, their highest-charting effort was only No. 2, accomplished twice with Walk Of Life and Private Investigations. Inspired by the writings of mystery writer Raymond Chandler, Private Investigations did not chart on the U.S. singles charts.

Private Investigations is a long and pulsating song and in the video only a small portion of the video centers on Mark Knopfler trying to find the dirt on his mysterious dancing subject. Knopfler also added this song to the soundtrack of the 1984 movie Comfort And Joy. The next soundtrack that Knopfler would work on would be The Princess Bride.

With Dire Straits disbanding in 1991, Knopfler's solo output is now up to nine albums with his 10th album scheduled for a March 2018 release.