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‘Penthouse and Pavement’ fell just short of heaven

This 1981 tune by Heaven 17 remains under-appreciated today.

Our end-of-the-week "Lost and Found" history lesson from Kevin Wuench:

We continue the '80s video intrigue today with some corporate espionage courtesy of Heaven 17 and Penthouse And Pavement.

In 1980, the Human League retooled adding two female singers and purging male members Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware. The duo wasted no time recruiting Glenn Gregory as their singer and forming Heaven 17, with the band name being inspired by a fictional band mentioned in the book A Clockwork Orange.

Heaven 17 was a steady presence on the U.K. charts although 1981's Penthouse and Pavement was not a big hit, falling short of the U.K. Top 40. The video however, was a nice start to their career with some corporate espionage taking place at the British Electric Foundation.

In the video, an under-appreciated secretary plots against her bosses by pulling off a Dexter O'Reilly with microphones in the flowers and making copies of top secret designs all to the funky sounds of Heaven 17.
Heaven 17 still tours with a lot of U.K. dates taking place this fall and winter.