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Don’t forget the other ‘Time Bandits’ from the ’80s

The Dutch band shared its name with the popular Terry Gilliam movie.

Here's Tuesday's Lost and Found item from Kevin Wuench:

Thirty-six years ago this week, the cult movie Time Bandits was released much to the delight (or confusion) to time travel movie fans. But Time Bandits was not only the name of an '80s movie, but a name of a band, author of the forgotten dance hit I'm Only Shooting Love.

While Terry Gilliam's box office surprise Time Bandits was released in 1981, the Dutch band Time Bandits also were formed in 1981 – probably more of a coincidence rather than the band copying the movie. The Time Bandits had great success in their home of the Netherlands with one of their most popular song being I'm Only Shooting Love.

Click here to see the video

Recorded in 1983, I'm Only Shooting Love was a No. 1 hit in New Zealand in 1984 and eventually fell just short of No. 1 on the U.S. Dance charts in 1985. The song's video is a fashion show with plenty of rouge to go around for both the boys and the girls. While there are plenty of interesting fashion choices in the video, my favorite is the yellow hat that looks like a big taco shell.

By 1988, the hits stopped coming – even in their home country and the Time Bandits disbanded.