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Don’t worry, Andy Taylor, we want you around a long time

The ex-Duranie's song "Don't Let Me Die Young" is a forgotten classic.

Here is Wednesday's Lost-and-Found item from Kevin Wuench:

Where have you gone Andy Taylor? Our '80s Nation turns its lonely eyes to you. While Taylor remains out of the limelight, we remember his musical metamorphose with the rocking Don't Let Me Die Young.

While not as sexy as John Taylor and Simon LeBon and not as mysterious as Nick Rhodes, Andy Taylor still made the girls scream in the early '80s as the guitarist in Duran Duran. By the mid-80's, Taylor showed an affinity for riffs and power chords when he funked it up with The Power Station, but it was as a solo artist that Andy showed his true nature on songs like Take It Easy (covered by Lost and Found in 2014) and Don't Let Me Die Young.

Taylor only put out two solo albums and his last one was a covers album in 1990. His lone original album, Thunder, was released in 1987 and its second single Don't Let Me Die Young barely dented the U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The video for Don't Let Me Die Young alternates between Taylor channeling his inner rock star and a story of at-risk youth trying to avoid the pitfalls of drugs, fast cars and crime.

Watch the video here

It's a shame Taylor didn't continue rocking long term or take a new musical direction as his transformation in the '80s was very listenable and interesting. In 2008, Taylor released his autobiography Wild Boy and was interviewed in Podcast Episode 143 of SIT80s, but beyond that has remained out of the public eye.