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Bad trailers for campy movies: 1984’s ‘The Ice Pirates’

Let's face it. It was a cult classic at best. But oh the trailer!

The name alone is somewhat intriguing: The Ice Pirates! Behold a far away galaxy where water is in such short supply that it has become a currency itself. And pirates dream of finding a planet where legend has it that water covers three-fourths of its surface.

Alas, the 1984 flick The Ice Pirates wasn't really an intellectual charmer. In fact, it didn't aim much higher than the funny bone. But what really adds insult to it all is this crazily bad trailer:

Watch the trailer here.

I had a friend at work all convinced the show The Ice Pirates at a future movie screening for our fellow sci-fi nerds here at the office. And then he saw the trailer. Game over, man.

Still, I argue that we all need to at least give this flick a chance. Starring Robert Urich, Ron Perlman and Mary Crosby, it has its enduring qualities.