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Be it Paul, English or British, we got the beat

Paul Collins Beat has a history as interesting as its rivals.

Lost and Found returns today with this report from Kevin Wuench:

Googling things has made us all knowledgeable today, but back in the '80s, mistaken identities were more common as evidenced by Rick Springfield writing the song Bruce about people getting Springfield and Springsteen mixed up – as inconceivable as it sounds now. One mistaken identify that still always needs clarifying today is the confusion about The Beat, so today we separate the Beats and give props to Paul Collins Beat and their anthem The Kids Are The Same.

The Beat familiar to most is known as The English Beat (or sometimes the British Beat). They were formed in 1978 and continue to have their songs like Mirror In The Bathroom played on retro new wave stations. Less popular, but certainly not less talented is The Beat (later renamed as the Paul Collins Beat) that was formed in California in 1979.

Who knows how many times Paul Collins has been confused also with Phil Collins, but Paul was a somewhat known commodity with The Nerves in the '70s – a power pop band that also featured Peter Case (Plimsouls) and had the original Hanging On The Telephone before it was covered by Blondie. In 1981, the Paul Collins Beat released The Kids Are The Same that did not chart.

The video for The Kids Are The Same is a basic performance clip but the song is a revved up rocker that has Collins telling the age-old refrain that kids don't care about anything but being young and having fun.

Watch the video here.

Collins is very much active these days and continues to perform and release music. If you want to see what Paul Collins looks and sounds like these days, you can view a nice song and mature video he made in 2014 for I Need My Rock N Roll.