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Mick Jones went solo in the ’80s … don’t you remember?

Lou Gramm wasn't the only Foreigner member to go indy during the decade.

Kevin Wuench returns with a final Lost and Found item for the week:

When we think of the sound of Foreigner, it's only natural to think of the voice of Lou Gramm. If you haven't before, its finally time to hear the voice of Foreigner founder Mick Jones as a solo artist and be surprised by a bevy of cameos in the video for Just Wanna Hold.

With all the hits that Foreigner had, Jones was equally as savvy as a producer in the '80s, at the helm for two albums that hit No. 1 on the album charts. Jones produced Van Halen's 5150 album in 1986 and in 1989 he was behind the boards for Billy Joel's Storm Front.

Please raise your hand if you knew Mick Jones released a solo album in 1989. I know it wasn't something that I knew, but when Gramm had success with his solo material like Midnight Blue, you can't blame Jones for wanting to try a solo album. The first single for Jones was Just Wanna Hold and it made it to No. 16 on the Mainstream Rock charts and while the pop song is somewhat catchy, the real treat is big names in the video and behind the song.

The video for Just Wanna Hold starts off like so many videos looking like a carbon copy of a Robert Palmer video with models galore. I did my first double take upon seeing Ian Hunter on guitar. Then about a half a minute later, I became more intrigued as singing in the background was Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow). At the 75 second mark, my mind was blown as a brief shot of the piano player was shown – not just any piano player, but the Piano Man himself – Billy Joel. The video keeps getting better when Billy's (then) wife appears and shows up all the models as there was no bigger supermodel in the '80s as the oh so lovely Christie Brinkley.

Watch the video here.

In hindsight, the appearance of the musicians in the video make perfect sense as Joel was returning the favor to Jones for producing Storm Front. Ian Hunter's appearance is natural as he helped co-write Just Wanna Hold with Jones and a third party named M. Phillips. The identity of M. Phillips was revealed many moons ago as none other than Mick Jagger.

In another month, Jones will turn 73 years old and has had some health issues recently, limiting his involvement in playing live with Foreigner – which is still out there performing, although with really no members for the hits decades of the 70-80-90s.

Lost and Found is taking a couple weeks off while Steve Spears has fun at '80s In The Sand and then Thanksgiving break, so we hope to have you back when we return with more lost blasts from the past.