If you only listen to one XTC song this week, this is it

"Senses Working Overtime" wasn't a big hit, and we don't know why.
Published Nov. 17, 2017

Spearsy is almost back from vacation. Until then, here's Dr. Dim again:

Well, it had to happen, Never Found in the 80s' XTC Week is drawing to a close, but what a great song we have today! From English Settlement (1982) comes this nearly perfect song – Senses Working Overtime. Andy Partridge was determined to write a hit single and he came up with this one, which is in my top three songs by this underappreciated band.

It didn't become a hit in America. No matter. It's still a fantastic song!

Watch the video here.

Can we talk? I hate it when record companies make single edits to be played on the radio. It means that the album version of a song, which we may have heard first and loved and became accustomed to, will have bits of it cut out. Why? To allow for longer ad breaks?

Today's video is the edited version of the album cut. I went with it because I wanted videos for each day's song for this special week. But, I recommend downloading the album cut. It's 15 seconds greater.

– Jim "Dr. Dim" Fitzsimons