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Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling could be next Willy Wonka

A Warner Bros. remake could unite some of Hollywood's brightest talent.
Published Jun. 6, 2018
Updated Jun. 6, 2018

Like the original forbidden fruit, Hollywood can't keep its hands off our beloved childhood heroes, and that now includes Willy Wonka. A new remake is in the works now with Donald Glover and Ryan Gosling being considered for the title role.

And yes, I realize neither the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) nor the the book it's based on (1964) are products of our beloved '80s, but don't try to tell me you didn't read or watch it during our decade.

And so now here we are, decades later, and and other sources are reporting that Warner Bros. wants to team producer David Heyman (of the Harry Potter movies) with director Paul King (of the Paddington flicks) along with an A-list actor to inhabit the role made famous by the late Gene Wilder. (And made far more creepy in 2005 by Johnny Depp.)

Donald Glover would certainly provide a modern take on Wonka, and he's super hot these days after hosting Saturday Night Live and co-starring in Solo: A Star Wars movie.

Ryan Gosling, on the other hand, has that little twinkle in his eye that reminds you of a younger Gene Wilder. And let's face it: He and Glover could go credit for credit on acting successes these days.

Still, should there be a Willy Wonka reboot? Probably not, but like that last bite of the chocolate bar, Hollywood is very much the Augustus Gloop of our time and can never get enough of a good thing.