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10 best ’80s movies on Netflix right now

From cult classics to Oscar contenders, Netflix has some great '80s offerings for nostalgia fans.
Published Jun. 25, 2018

If you're using Netflix right now to binge on The Crown, catch up on GLOW or to watch The West Wing for the eighth time from start to finish, I won't judge you. (I'm guilty as charged myself.) But the online streaming service is also featuring some real '80s classics in its lineup right now.

Here are my picks for the 10 best movies from the 1980s on Netflix right now:

1. TRADING PLACES (1983): Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy at their best. "It ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving."

2. CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (1987): I'm not a fan of movies that borrow song titles as the movie title, but I make an exception here. "Look, It's the African ant eater ritual!"

3. ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING (1987): Still maybe Elisabeth Shue's best work in the decade. "Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues."

4. THE LOST BOYS (1987): I'm starting to think 1987 might have been the best year for movies in our decade. "Death by stereo!"

5. THE MONEY PIT (1986): Is there anyone that Tom Hanks didn't have great chemistry with onscreen? "Mozart? Mozart is dead, his problems are over, help MEEE…"

6. DEAD POETS SOCIETY (1989): Robin Williams should have won the Oscar for this one, but some guy named Daniel Day-Lewis stole it from him. "No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world."

7. LETHAL WEAPON (1987): A bunch of the sequels are online too, but only the original has the formula of angst, adventure and comedy JUST right. "You're not trying to draw a psycho pension! You really are crazy!"

8. TURNER AND HOOCH (1989): Not a classic per se, but just another chance to prove my point that Hanks has chemistry with every living being. "This is not your room."

9. GHOSTBUSTERS I and II: I'm cheating a litle by putting them both here, but that's the point: Nobody likes Ghostbusters II on its own. "Soon, the city will be mine and Vigo's… mainly Vigo's."

10. LITTLE MONSTERS (1989): Why pick this one? Anything to keep Heathers off my list. "We're the reasons why brothers hate their sisters!"


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