New ’80s podcast: ‘Beetlejuice’ turns 30

Stuck in the '80s explores the 1988 dark comedy masterpiece starring Michael Keaton.
Published Oct. 23, 2018|Updated Oct. 23, 2018

Have you noticed all the online ads for "Beetlejuice … The Musical" lately? We sure did here at Stuck in the '80s, and so we looked back through our catalog of nearly 500 episodes to find the time we honored the horror-comedy masterpiece.

Thing is: We never did.

This week, we make good on this historic wrong and discuss 1988's Beetlejuice, which turned 30 years old this  year. Well, maybe Beetlejuice himself is more like 630 years old – we haven't done the math. In the show, which is jam-packed with fun clips from the movie, we share some interesting trivia on the movie as well as discuss the upcoming Broadway musical. Then we end the show with an epic trivia battle about … shoes?!?

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