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Robert Englund could reprise Freddy Krueger once more

Actor hints that he'd return for one more 'A Nightmare on Elm Street.'

It's that creepy time of the year when everyone falls in loves with horror movies again – for at least a month – and Hollywood gets the hots for remaking the classics of our youth. This time it's the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. reports that actor Robert Englund, who had previously sworn off making any more cinematic appearances as Freddy Krueger, has hinted he'd be willing to appear in one more movie. It's likely Englund's sudden nostalgia for the part comes from his appearance on TV's The Goldbergs (and the likelihood of the treasure chest required to secure his participation in another full-length movie).

Englund is 71 years old, so nobody can fault him for wanting a nice quiet retirement. He's been polite but firm about saying he doesn't mind if studios continue the franchise without him. But in a new interview, he gives a glimmer of hope into a return.

"I've been very protective of the character for years… I said no to (series creator) Adam (Goldberg). And then he sent me probably the most beautiful fan letter I ever received, telling me how much A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors meant to him. And then I started thinking about my fans, how it dovetails with the 80s experience and this sort of retro memory play that The Goldbergs is about."

We'll be following this development closely. The Halloween episode of The Goldbergs is set to air on ABC this Wednesday night.