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After 13 years, Stuck in the ’80s blog headed to new home

The pop culture blog will join its podcast again at
Published Nov. 21, 2018

It's a strange thing to have written a blog about the '80s for 13 years now, considering that's three years longer than the decade itself lasted. But nostalgia can have a firm grip on you when you're stuck in the '80s. However, beginning this month, the Stuck in the '80s blog will be retired on as the newspaper heads in a new digital direction and instead will live again at a new home –

The new address is where the companion podcast has been happily residing for the last six years, since I left my full-time job at the Tampa Bay Times. I've enjoyed being a pop culture correspondent and blogger for the newspaper and website over those years, and I offer nothing but the sincerest of thanks and good wishes for my friends and former colleagues at my old paper.

Stuck in the '80s will continue to be a thriving blog and weekly podcast. In the coming weeks, we'll feature an interview with former Haircut 100 frontman Nick Heyward (who now lives in Tampa Bay) and we'll mark our 500th episode with a live interview with original MTV veejays Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood and Alan Hunter on board The 80s Cruise.

What else will the future hold for Stuck in the '80s? That's like asking what happens the morning after the Saturday detention in The Breakfast Club – the anticipation is half the fun.

As always you can reach me via email at

Until we meet again, I remain here – hopelessly – stuck in the '80s.