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Fluoride ballot measure in Brooksville: Residents say yes to fluoride in early results

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The Latest:

Fluoride in Brooksville's water is here to stay.

Almost 1,900 voters supported the "yes" option on a referendum to keep fluoride in the city's water supply, according to the unofficial results. That's about 65 percent of the votes. The city has about 8,000 residents.

The outcome of this ballot measure should bring an end to official debate on the question, which had nibbled at the city for years.

The city began adding fluoride to its water in the mid-1980s, but stopped at some point. A debate in 2013 led to its return. That spurred a vocal minority to protest the practice, claiming the mineral causes cancer and lowers people's intelligence.

The consensus among medical professionals and dentists is that adding fluoride to the water supply at the recommended levels is critical to preventing tooth decay. In the run-up to the vote, local dentists urged the city to keep fluoride in the water for all its citizens, especially  those who cannot afford dental care.

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