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Bucs’ Mike Evans on new contract: ‘I plan on helping a lot of people’

Receiver's $82 million deal will allow him to expand his charity efforts through foundation launched last year.
Bucs receiver Mike Evans said Tuesday that his new extension with the team will allow him to help more people in his charity efforts. (ALESSANDRA DA PRA -- TIMES)
Published Mar. 14, 2018

A grateful Mike Evans spoke Tuesday about a new contract with the Bucs that makes him one of the NFL's top receivers, saying the $82 million extension will allow him to do even more with his charity efforts.

"It's hard to put into words. With my actions, you'll see it," Evans said of the chance to expand what he started last year in launching the Mike Evans Family Foundation with his wife, Ashli. "I just started my foundation, and I plan on helping a lot of people. I heard Denzel Washington say one time that it's not about the amount of money you have, it's about what you do with the money you have."

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Evans' foundation was launched with two main goals, both personal to the 24-year-old: providing college scholarships to high school graduates from low-income families, and helping women and families dealing with domestic violence.

"I'm fortunate, like I said earlier, and  grateful for this opportunity," Evans said Tuesday. "I'm going to keep working. I never take it for granted. I just want to help a lot of people and have fun along the way."

Evans' community efforts will work not only in Tampa, but in his hometown of Galveston and in the Houston area, where he recently bought a home. Evans worked to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts there last year. For more information on his charity efforts, visit here.