Jameis Winston trying to become a driving force for kids in the community

The Bucs quarterback had a charitable event at Dimmitt Automotive Group Friday and hosts a football camp Saturday at One Buc Place
Published June 2, 2018

Surrounded by luxury cars with names such as Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce ranging from $250,000 to $400,000 at Dimmitt Automotive Group in Pinellas Park, Jameis Winston spent Friday night raising money for his Dream Forever Foundation.

"Maybe one day. Not now,'' Winston said when asked if he planned to own one of the high end vehicles. "They don't give you anything. You have to earn it.''

Winston, 24, is earning a lot of good will with his charitable foundation that, among other things, buys state of the art technology centers or 'Dream Rooms,' for disadvantaged Title I schools. The first was built at Alexander Elementary School in Tampa earlier this year.

On Saturday, Winston will host his annual football camp at One Buc Place. Typically, he does one in his hometown of Bessemer, Ala. But because his fiancée, Breion Allen, is expecting the couple's first child in July, a boy, he is sponsoring 16 kids from Bessemer.

"It's something I enjoy doing,'' Winston said. "I love football. I love making a difference and I'm going to love being a father to my son. So anything you enjoy doing, you've got to give it all out. So even if it's just being in the community a little, it's affecting people in a positive way and I think that's important.''

On Saturday, guests paid $350 for an opportunity to enjoy cocktails, small plates and desserts and spend an evening chatting with Winston.

On the field, the Bucs quarterback has improved statistically each season, but that hasn't translated to wins. Winston has only 18 victories in three seasons with the Bucs.

"It's about winning,'' Winston said. "That's all it's about. It's not about stats. It's not about touchdowns. It's about winning and that's what the Bucs are going to do. The Bucs are about to start winning.

"If you don't win, you can't affect the community like you can. I'm excited to be out there with those guys and give the fans what they want. Just like I'm trying to give the community what they want, I've got to give our fans what they want. They deserve a playoff team and they're going to get it.''